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Pepperl-Fuchs is offered by Onrion LLC for years at reasonable prices and delivery time to Peru . Check our web page for products from the brand Pepperl-Fuchs regardless if they are not stated on our website, do not hesitate to contact us for all future product enquiries. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout Peru .

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Brand products Pepperl-Fuchs

002244 NJ4-N-H31

Inductive sensor

004412 NJ25-50-E2

Inductive sensor

037853 NBN3-F25-E8-V1

Inductive sensor Model

046903 KFD2-SH-EX1

Safety switch amplifier


Incremental Rotary Encoders 10-50-22111_R Wave 6x10, A, plug 9412r, 10-30 V push-pull Country of origin: Customs tariff no.: Weight (g): Germany 9031 8034 900 335,000 not listed / unlisted tEU dual Use_RG

054798 NBB6-F-B3-Y54798

Inductive sensor

083997 NBN8-18GM50-E2

Inductive sensor

084736 NBB6-F-E2

Inductive sensor

087741 NBB4-12GM30-E2

Inductive proximity sensor

p/n: 103375, Type: KFA6-SR2-EX1.W.LB

isolating switching amplifier




Inductive sensor NCN3-F25F-N4-Y41364

106378 nj2-11-n-g

Inductive sensor

106437 NJ5-11-N-G

inductive sensor

P/N: 106710 Type: SJ3,5-SN

Inductive slot sensor

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